Saturday, February 14, 2009

10th to V-Day

Well... We've been doing quite a bit as usual, but this week was slightly slower than usual.

Tuesday we worked in the Mochipapa garden for like an hour or so.

Wednesday we had class, and hung out with this girl named Q (Brathcer and I). She's 29, from Bama, and in the Peace Corps.

Thursday we went back to the Wesleyan Bible College in Pemba. We helped out this lady named Jeanie in the library who is actually from Marion and works on the ground crew for IWU. She's just doing a short-term trip here.

Friday was a blast!!! It was class, and basically just a great day of bonding for most of the team who hadn't really bonded much before.

Today, Nick and I got up and made pancakes for everyone. The girls got the strawberry heart-shaped ones of course. ha It's Valentine's Day, and we decided to just treat the girls a little extra special :) I also attempted to do something nice for some of my very dearly missed girls at IWU, but it didn't quite work out too well. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to spend the rest of my day. I can't decide if today will be the day of rest and then homework tomorrow or vice versa.

I love ya mom :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Up to Now

Well, I've been lazy as far as updating this goes, but not at all in other stuff. Homework's taken up a lot of time. Otherwise, I've been...
-riding dirtbikes in the bush to visit schools and present the AB program (program for basic schools that promotes Abstinence and Being faithful/Behavior change)
-cruising in the back of a truck singing and doing the same AB thing with Paul and Clesha (2 really good friends here that work for WHIZ)
-to church and was asked to say the offering prayer, which was kinda cool :)
-to an African History seminar from a professor at the University of Zambia
-chillin with Paul and Clesha watching soccer and playing their PS2

That was basically the highlights of last week, and so far this week we've just done homework and hung out.

*Clesha, Banda, Me, and Paul

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 22-25

Day 22 (Thursday, Jan. 29)
-Today Melinda and I worked with Reach4Life again (New Testament with teen life lessons in it). We learned most of the ins and outs of it. They've had 22,000 students go through there program since just last year, and this year they should have roughly 42,000. We went to a Reach4Life Ambassador meeting, which is students who went through the program and still want to be mentors.

Day 23 (Friday, Jan. 30)
-Class, homework, soccer, construction, and just chillin. That was basically our day.

Day 24 (Saturday, Jan. 31)
-A man spent 3 hrs. educating us on the Impact of Colonialism today. It was really cool and interesting. His name was Dr. Yizenge Chondoka from the University of Zambia in Lusaka. I also got to talk to Troy Lewis today. He said that we would meet soon when he either comes here or we go to Lusaka in a few weeks (Zambia Director for the International Mission Board). Also, we sent out all our e-mails about the Bibles.

I got to talk to my family too, well sorta ;) I was on webcam, and they watched and listened since they were experiencing some technical difficulties. Now I think they see that it's hard to do computer stuff without me, specifically in our family. ha

Day 25 (Sunday, Feb. 1)
-We went to church. It was great, as always. I took a nap and read today. Then another lady came up and asked me for a Bible today. We really need those Bibles soon. I'll probably go do some homework now, and then hopefully I'll get to Skype with my girls later :)