Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cordova and Back

We´re back in Ica now for the night. It was decided that it would be best for us to stay at the Baptist seminary here for the night and head to Santiago tomorrow, so we are :) Cordova was great! We played 2 games and shared the Gospel with all who watched and played after the 2nd one. The high school team tied us 3-3, and we beat the town team 1-0. It doesn´t really matter as far as ministry goes, but I figured my dad and cousin Mason might want to know ;) I also pulled my right quad in the second game, but I´ll be ok. Being in Cordova gave me a ton of time to just chill with God. I´m currently reading through all the Epistles (just finished Phillipians) and a book called Vintage Church by Mark Driscoll. The book´s been great so far. You should check it or anything else you can find at the library or from Pastor Tim Mom :) I actually think you´ll like and agree with this guy. He´s got quotes about his book from at least 3 or 4 Southern Baptist staff members from various seminaries on the cover and beginning pages. ha So anyways, I´m learning a lot and believe that God is doing great things here. Please continue in prayer.

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