Friday, June 19, 2009

Disabled, Defeated, but Still Sharing

Honestly, the last few days have been kinda rough. We´re in Santiago de Chocorvos, and I have a pulled quad and bruised calf from the game(s) yesterday, I only played in the first one. We lost both games and more than a couple of us got hurt. The reason was we were playing on a field made of gravel that also had some huge rocks in it, also the referees didn´t help ;) It was really difficult to play because of my leg and the ¨field.¨ ha The best part of the day and only thing that mattered was definitely sharing the Gospel after. Today was mainly a day of relaxation, and tomorrow we head back down to Ica for the weekend. It´ll be good to get some food other than rice ;) Please continue praying for the furthering of God´s Kingdom and now for my wounds. I´m pretty sure I´m going to have to sit out the next game and maybe more, but who knows God might completely heal me or I might just take a couple ibuprofen before. ha Thanks and God bless :)

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